Mariusz Mosiołek and Partners Law Firm of Advocates and Legal Advisors is one of the leading law firms in Warsaw providing advisory services mainly in the field of economic law. Thanks to the strength of the team consisting of advocates and legal advisers, as well as notaries, experts, patent attorneys, accountants and experts cooperating with the Law Firm, we offer comprehensive and individualized consultancy for domestic and foreign entities operating in Poland, in particular for enterprises and institutions. By combining legal and business knowledge with in-depth knowledge of a given industry, our Law Firm strengthens its high position on the market year by year.

At our Law Firm, we believe that legal advice is more than just professional solving of our clients' problems - our main goal and task is to offer you tools that will enable you to achieve all your economic, business or negotiation goals, as well as all kinds of visions. We always work on developing innovative solutions that, supported by the knowledge of the market, will provide real support for your business. This is why we are proactive and anticipatory, constantly looking for ways to always be one step ahead and generate benefits for your company. We are present in virtually all sectors of the economy. We advise entrepreneurs who operate in the construction industry, pharmaceutical industry, logistics and forwarding, IT, trade, real estate and in the investment industry, we also advise companies of the State Treasury.