As part of legal services related to public procurement, the Law Firm offers legal support during the entire process related to obtaining public contracts, as well as in the implementation of the subject of contracts, from support in creating an offer in the tender procedure, through communication with ordering parties and bidders during the procedure, to creating a strategy for dealing with ordering parties during the implementation of projects. The Law Firm also offers representation services before the National Appeals Chamber

In the field of public procurement, we offer:

  • analysis of the public procurement contract – indication of legal risks on the part of the tenderer,
  • analysis of the specification of essential terms of the contract in terms of submission of a lawful offer, preparation of questions to the Terms of Reference,
  • effective registration of a trade secret,
  • legal support for contractors in relations with consortium members and subcontractors – preparation of consortium agreements, implementation agreements, contracts with subcontractors,
  • defense against rejection of the offer due to abnormally low price,
  • an appeal to the National Appeals Chamber against the specification of essential terms of the contract and an appeal at the stage after submitting the offer,
  • appeal to the National Appeals Chamber against the selection of the best offer,
  • information to the contracting authority about an illegal activity,
  • representation in proceedings following a complaint against a decision of the National Appeals Chamber,
  • representation of contractors before courts in disputes with ordering parties.
  • audits of purchasing procedures,
  • preparing and giving opinions on tender documentation,
  • legal assistance in the public procurement control process,
  • participation in tender committees,
  • legal assistance in the course of the public procurement procedure,
  • verification of formal correctness of offers submitted by contractors, correspondence with contractors,
  • legal services at the implementation stage,
  • conducting trainings in the field of public procurement.